Cat food Nasha Marka - reviews and description


When a kitten comes into the home, there is a lot of worry about keeping the new family member - especially if this is the first time you’re dealing with it. It is very important to surround the small and cute creature with care and attention, and to create all the care and feeding conditions for it. The owner begins to think about whether he should give his fluffy dog liver, meat, wet or dry food.

There is a certain category of food that is designed specifically for small pets. They come in two versions: dry and wet. The range is so diverse that you can pick up a treat for almost any cat: with flavors of liver, turkey, chicken.

If you read the reviews about the food “Nasha Marka”, most of them will be positive. According to the owners of the cats themselves, full-fat food affects the animal very favorably. The coat acquires a natural gloss, digestive problems disappear, the animal becomes very active and frisky.

The benefits of using the food “Our brand” are obvious. This is a low price of food, and the variety of flavors, and a good response to the body.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting the fact that the statements of the commodity producer somewhat diverge from the opinion of buyers. “Nasha Marka” is classified as a premium food, while ordinary users see it as economy.

If you examine the composition of the feed, the canned food contains meat and animal products (about 25%), a lot of fiber, thickeners. This composition certainly does not belong to the economy class food, but it does not call it premium. Rather, the middle class is the best way to characterize the food “Nasha Marka”.