Cat food Leonardo (Leonardo) - reviews and description


Leonardo cat food is very actively used by owners of Scottish cats and not only. By buying this food for your pets, you are already making them a huge gift. The nutrient-rich product noticeably improves the condition of the coat, increases activity, and improves digestion.

If you get acquainted with the reviews of veterinarians, they all have one thing in common: Leonardo food has a favorable effect on the entire body of a cat, rather than on individual systems. For example, they stimulate the active work of the intestine, cause quite fast satiety (although the diet itself is low-calorie), regulate the volume of feces due to excellent digestibility, significantly increase immunity.

The enriched composition on the one hand and the complete absence of dyes, GMOs and preservatives - these are the main advantages of Leonardo food. When we say good composition of the food we mean protein (selected meat from Germany), lecithin, carbohydrates, prebiotics and so on.

For daily food intake, it is better to pay attention to dry food. As for the wet food, it is more suitable for feeding young kittens from 4 months old, young kittens, neutered kittens and so on. If possible, try to combine the two types of food, alternating between canned and dry pads.

Of course, for the excellent quality in the literal sense of the word will have to pay. In Moscow, 2 kg of dry food will have to pay at least 700 rubles, for 200 grams of canned food - 350 rubles.