Cat food (Cat Chow) - reviews and description


Once you’ve arranged a place to feed, think about what your new furry happiness will eat. Cat Chow is both tasty and healthy.

Purina has been making this food for 80 years. The range of this trademark includes seven different foodstuffs of various composition and purpose. You’re sure to find food for your pet that’s perfect for its age, fitness and eating habits.

Cat Chow cat food has more than enough advantages:

  • Balanced composition;
  • A fairly wide range of products. Cat Chow food is suitable for kittens and pregnant cats, and neutered cats, and as a preventive measure against urolithiasis. There is even a special food that helps get rid of hairballs;
  • Cat Chow cat food includes a variety of herbal supplements that help reduce litter box odor;
  • The dry food itself is long-lasting and easy to transport;
  • Available in many stores.

Too bad Ket Chow isn’t made only as wet canned food. Like any dry food, it must be washed down with a decent amount of water. It contains antioxidants, by-products, and flavor additives. I would also like to see a higher percentage of meat components in Ket Chow’s food, but it is still between 4 and 8%.