Cat food Josera - reviews and description


Josera is a balanced cat food with a good full-rate composition. In Moscow its price is 450 rubles per 1.5 kg pack. This price fully corresponds to the quality declared by the manufacturer.

The Josera cat food was developed relatively recently, taking into account all the requirements for complete nutrition. Try to ask any veterinarian if you should give Josera to your cat, and you will get a lot of positive recommendations.

What are the benefits of Josera? Let’s list them:

  • A wide range of products. The dry food is designed for animals of different breeds and ages. This will help the buyer to determine the choice of food;
  • The food is 100% safe for health;
  • As noticed by the cat owners, who already bought Josera dry food, the cats became more active and playful during the first weeks of feeding. Their general health improved (digestion, teeth, appetite, coat, etc.);
  • Yoser cat food has an excellent composition. Every ingredient of the raw materials used here is approved, which means it is safe to eat, even for humans. It is made without any artificial ingredients such as soy, wheat, coloring or preservatives;
  • It has a convenient box shape and a flavor that any cat will like.

There are few minuses, but they are there. They are the lack of small packages on the market and the very high cost of German food.