Innova Evo cat food (Innova Evo) - reviews and description


It’s a shame that the Oscars only go to movies. If a gold statuette were awarded to cat food, Innova Evo would definitely get a pair! In other words, Innova Evo is in the “holistic” nutrition class. This means that the food contains ingredients that are quite suitable even for human nutrition. The American company Natura Pet Products has taken care of this.

We’ve counted 10 benefits of Innova Evo, which we’re happy to share with you:

  • Premium quality, as evidenced by numerous reviews from owners and veterinarians;
  • The product contains raw dietary meat;
  • Contains probiotics that help improve digestion;
  • High enough protein content;
  • Is hypoallergenic;
  • Completely free of preservatives and colorings;
  • Statistically, regular consumption of Innova Evo food prolongs the life of a pet purr;
  • Highly nutritious;
  • The feeling of fullness after taking Innova Evo comes much faster than after any other similar food;
  • It is an excellent prevention of cat urolithiasis.

You can hardly find a bad review of the Innova Evo food, even on the Internet. Of the disadvantages we can note only the high cost and poor availability (difficult to find in the free sale). To order it in Moscow or Kiev is almost impossible - only through Amazon (22-36 dollars for 12 cans).