Cat food Happy Cat (Happy Cat) - reviews and description


The food called Happy Cat in our country is very famous. It is rightly considered full-fed and specialized. It is produced in Germany. You can buy Happy Cat food in stores - the user has a choice of both dry and wet versions. Let’s try to figure out if this food is really so good, is it worth giving it to pets.

According to the package, it contains dry egg powder, poultry, linseed and barley, cracklings, meal made from lamb meat and bones, vegetables and fruits, and vitamins and minerals that your pet’s body needs. There are also unusual ingredients for cat food like dried algae, chamomile and chicory (root) extract.

However, there are also harmful additives such as poultry and beef fat and liver, the origin of which is for some reason not indicated on the package.

To summarize, the pluses of Happy Cat food outweigh the minuses. When they eat it, the animals are very active and alert, gain weight well and get a healthy coat. The composition of substances and useful trace elements is quite acceptable. The range is quite wide: dry food, canned food, pates, delicatessen, spiders, etc. On the other hand, this food has harmful ingredients, and it is not always easy to get it. If your cat will react to Happy Cat food normally, it has its place in your diet, but you should remember to provide it with enough water.