Cat food Gourmet - reviews and description


It’s a shame our friends with whiskers can’t talk. They would love to tell you which food they like and which is better to throw away right away. Fortunately, Gourmet cat food falls into the first category. It was developed by the French company Nestle Purina Petcare. It comes exclusively in the form of canned food, which is packed in the usual tins and soft sachets.

Below we list the seven main advantages of Gourmet food:

  • Suitable for regular use;
  • Balanced composition, taking into consideration the needs of the animal;
  • Fully ready to eat, does not need to be heated up;
  • You don’t need to wash down Gourmet with water;
  • It has a high caloric value and affordable;
  • It’s easy enough to find Gourmet food on sale;
  • The assortment is wide, there is something to choose and offer to the fluffy.

Of course, not without disadvantages. For example, food Gourmet is suitable only for animals of one year of life. The meat component does not exceed 8% (usually 4-6%). The composition of Gourmet includes preservatives and by-products - even allowing for the fact that they are allowed by the EU, you can not call this nuance plus as well. And also open canned food has a short shelf life.

To understand whether the pet food Gourmet or not, is simple enough. If the cat’s breath appeared unpleasant smell, if the animal has become too lethargic or, conversely, aggressive, if the coat is dulled, and the stool - irregular, we will have to replace the food for some other. It is not superfluous to consult a specialist.