Food for cats Grandorf (Grandorf) - reviews and description


Grandorf is not just a unique food - it is priceless in its effect and composition. Ask any veterinarian if you can give your kitten a full-fat dry food and you will hear the positive answer. The Belgian manufacturer really pays special attention to its products. If you read the reviews about this food, they are only positive.

Many users write that cats eat Grandorf with great pleasure, but they do not get used to it immediately. This is explained by the fact that Grandorf food contains only natural ingredients. By the way, compared to analogues Grandorf is also hypoallergenic. Let’s find out what makes Grandorf cat food different from other foods.

The obvious advantages of Grandorf cat food:

  • All products are fully certified;
  • None of the ingredients do not cause allergies;
  • The appearance and shape of the food - not large granules, which is convenient to eat;
  • The amount of fat - not more than 22%;
  • There is a maximum of meat products;
  • A lot of vitamins and minerals.

A study of Grandorf cat food found that a positive effect after using it occurred in as little as two weeks. The cats’ coats were healthy and had a pleasant shine. The animals were always in a great mood, did not overeat, and did not suffer from allergies.