Cat food Friskies - reviews and description


The famous company Nestle has developed Friskies food - it has been producing ready-to-eat meals for pets for more than 80 years.

You can find this inexpensive, relatively affordable cat food on sale in any supermarket, in almost every pet store.

But what does such serious fame have to do with it? Most likely, with an affordable price and well-constructed advertising. There are three varieties of this food: for domestic cats (which includes greens), for naturalized cats and spayed cats. If you give Friskies to kittens, it will have an increased energy value.

There are not many advantages of dry Friskies, but they are there. This is the absolute affordability, and balanced composition, and the ability to choose the food to feed the cats themselves.

Of course, it is not without disadvantages. Friskis can be classified as an economy class product. This means that the meat in its composition does not exceed 6%.

If you give your kitten dry Friskies food, he will definitely need to drink it all with a lot of water. Meanwhile, the wet Friskies food always raises the appetite, and it is not necessary to wash it down with water. Friskies is not difficult to find on sale, its range is quite wide.

Pay attention to the fact that, according to the reviews of veterinarians, the canned food can be stored at room temperature for no more than two hours.