Cat food Felix - reviews and description


Is Felix food really that good for pets? That’s what we’re going to find out today.

Felix cat food is full-fed. It was developed according to a special recipe to please all four-legged pets without exception. It contains a lot of nutrients, which are so necessary for your pet. Felix contains such natural ingredients as protein, fish/chicken meat, sugar and mineral salts, iron, iodine, vitamins A and D, copper, zinc.

Felix cat food is available in two versions: moist canned food for real gourmet cats, and dry snacks, which are the real treats. Using Felix food, cats become active, more playful and friendly. Problems with digestion in cats are not observed, the stool is normal. According to the reviews of veterinarians, Felix is a good enough food. It can be safely recommended to cats as a daily food product.

If we talk about the pluses of the food, it is balanced, includes all the ingredients that are so necessary for the development of the animal. Completely transfer the cat to this type of food allows and acceptable cost. However, this is the disadvantage of Felix food. It is madly fond of four-legged pets, due to which many cats (of course, if you allow them to overeat) may develop obesity.

Most of the reviews feed Felix positive. There are exceptions, but here it all depends more on personal preferences of the cat.