Cat food Eukanuba - reviews and description


Eukanuba cat food is available for cats, cats and kittens of different ages who are healthy or have some problems. For example, Eukanuba dry food can be dietary, shedding hair, or designed for very old pets.

Below we list the key benefits of absolutely all Eukanuba foods:

  • Contains only high-quality fats;
  • No preservatives;
  • Not just good - great digestibility;
  • No dyes or flavorings;
  • Quite effective as a preventative for various feline diseases;
  • Have a wide enough range, which takes into account the age peculiarities of cats;
  • The content of protein and natural meat products is high enough.

If you eat Eukanuba regularly, your cat will have a healthy coat, be full and happy and free from ailments like obesity and urolithiasis.

It is interesting that in terms of cost the food is very and very affordable. For example, for 2500-2600 rubles in Moscow, you can buy 10 kilograms of dry food at once. 170 grams of dietary canned food (food for one or two times, depending on age and size of cat) will cost you 90 rubles.

To sum up, Eukanuba food is really worth attention. It is not for nothing they say: “My cat ate Eukanuba - and with joy he just sang”!