Brit cat food - reviews and description


Brit is produced in the Czech Republic. It contains chicken and fish oil, lots of lumpy meat (not by-products), minerals and vitamins, and rice bran. Owners of cats who have fed their pets Brit food have noted increased activity of the animal. Their teeth and fur looked pleasing to the eye. The color of the so-called “Leopard Bengal” became particularly pronounced.

You won’t have any problem finding Brit food for your pet. You can buy this wonderful food in many stores. Its average price is 130 p. For a box weighing 400 grams.

Not without drawbacks, albeit minor. The corn included in the feed has no nutritional value for animals. Brewer’s yeast, which is included, is an allergen, so this food is not suitable for all cats.

Sodium gluconate is added to many products like sausages and frankfurters today. Valerian works on cats on a similar principle. The Brit food can be crazy for a cat, and as a result it often overeats, not feeling the measure. The ash content level is also exceeded and is 8%.

Brit’s dry food is divided into Care and Premium. The first subclass has a very decent composition and belongs to the super-premium food. The second food is of worse quality. As for reviews, everything is learned by trial and error. Some pets may like it very much, while others will turn their noses up at it and ask for something else to feed them.