Cat food Bozita - reviews and description


Bozita cat food can be classified as super-premium cat food. It is made in Sweden - in this country the requirements for cat food are rather high. Most owners, at least once tried to give their cat Bozita, speak of its incomparable benefits, but emphasize the negative aspects.

Among the pluses of Bozita is that the cats like the smell of these foods very much. Their composition includes fresh meat and fish, taurine and protein, minerals and other useful components. Bozita does not contain dyes, has an excellent range and reasonable cost.

Unfortunately, the company has not yet produced a therapeutic line of cat food. Moreover, they include cornmeal, which often causes diarrhea in pets. Some cats don’t take these foods at all - it “comes back” with vomiting and bad stools. Such a reaction of cats is due to the fact that Bozita is designed exclusively for healthy animals. There is a possibility that cats who have become very ill from Bozita are not healthy themselves.

To summarize, we have before us the most authentic Swedish food, which ranks 5th in the ranking of the best cat foods for cats. And that’s not so little! When buying food Bosita, try not to buy it from resellers. There is a risk that you will get a low-quality product.