Bosch Sanabelle cat food (Bosch Sanabelle) - reviews and description


Bosch dry food, manufactured with modern equipment using the latest developments and proven formulation, is demanded by breeders and owners of animals in the U.S. and European countries. They are the only organic products on the Russian market with Biosiegel certification. The professional level of Bosch Sanabelle super premium cat food is of high quality and meets the physiological needs of the animal’s body.

The line of dry food Sanabelle has more than 20 varieties, which are made taking into account the age and size of the animals. In addition, the company offers food and treats for individuals prone to allergic reactions, finicky eaters, with special food sensitivities.

Special Sanabelle Hair&Skin is available for pedigreed cats with shiny coats; Sanabelle Dental is for preventive care of teeth. For overweight cats, Sanabelle Light, and for mature cats (over 8 years) Sanabelle Senior. For kittens under 1 year of age, Sanabelle Kitten is recommended; over 1 year, Sanabelle Adult with poultry or trout; with sensitive digestion, Sanabelle Sensitive with poultry or lamb; for large cats, Sanabelle Grande.

The main ingredients in Bosch products are fresh turkey, duck, lamb, beef, and fish, which minimizes allergic reactions in pets. The rich range gives you the opportunity to choose the right variation of the ready-made mix for all occasions of your pet’s life and make his diet more diverse. Its correctly selected composition will strengthen the immune system, normalize metabolic processes and make the pet healthier.

Advantages of Sanabelle ready-to-eat foods:

  • Using only fresh (unfrozen) meat for better absorption of the product and palatability;
  • Minimal time for the heat treatment (about one minute). The nutritional value and vitamins are preserved in this way;
  • Sanabelle does not contain soy, artificial preservatives, dyes or GMOs, which may cause allergies or intolerances. Some feeds do not contain corn or gluten-containing cereals;
  • Excellent quality due to strict control at all stages of the technological process;
  • Professionalism of the production team;
  • Preservation of the nutritional value of the finished feed due to the minimum time spent on its delivery and storage.

Professional breeders and cat owners widely use Sanabelle elite cat food in their business. They speak positively of the company’s products.

Distribution of Sanabelle dry organic cat mixes is made through veterinarian clinics, breeders and pet stores. Delight your pet with delicious and healthy food every day, believe me, they can be grateful!