Berkley cat food (Berkley) - reviews and description


Despite the fact that in our country canned wet food Berkley appeared a couple of years ago, it has managed to prove itself in a good way. If you read the reviews about this food, 98% of pets like it.

Eating canned food produced in Germany, cats feel great, never complain about digestive problems, purr quite a bit and play with pleasure. Cats feel full after eating Berkley canned wet food for a long time.

Even the appearance of Berkley cat food differs from its counterparts in a good way. It has a very pleasant smell, so it instantly attracts the attention of pets. Each jar contains 200 grams of canned food of excellent composition. The percentage of natural meat here is about 70%, the remaining 30% - salmon oil, fragrant broth, rice, taurine and minerals, a small amount of fiber and a lot of vitamins. There are no artificial additives - the German manufacturer has never used them and does not intend to do so.

The key advantages of Berkley cat food:

  • All cans are opened with one movement of the hand. Quickly opened - quickly fed;
  • The composition of the product is really good and balanced;
  • Variety of choices (a total of 11 formulas are available);
  • Positive reviews from veterinarians.

Of the disadvantages of Berkley can be noted the high cost (although it corresponds to the quality) and the difficulty of acquiring.