Cat food Acana - reviews and description


What is Acana? It is a world-renowned brand that produces ready-to-eat pet food. It has been producing them in Canada for over 25 years. Absolutely all ingredients for Acana food are also of Canadian origin.

The prefix “premium food” fully corresponds to the contents of the can or container. For example, in Acana food only 35% consists of vegetables or fruit, and the remaining 65% is meat or fish. Some Acana foods even include Colombian cranberries, which reduce urine acidity. Tell me, is this the animal care you’ve been looking for for so long?

Interestingly, even Acana feeds use a special type of potato for carbohydrates. There is not even a hint of preservatives, dyes, cheaper raw materials.

Let’s list the other advantages of Canadian food:

  • Represents a completely ready-to-eat and balanced food;
  • Acana contains only the freshest, highest quality ingredients;
  • Suitable for cats and cats of all ages;
  • Relatively inexpensive when compared to premium food;
  • Hypoallergenic versions are available;
  • Stores for a long time and is easy to transport. Consequently, you can stock up on Akana food.

Like any other dry cat food, it needs a decent amount of water to drink. And in the form of canned food, Akana is not yet available.