1st choice cat food (First Choice) - reviews and description


Is it worth feeding your cat with inexpensive food, the composition of which is far from ideal? It is better to pay attention to food 1st choice, which belongs to the premium class.

Dry food “Fest Choice” cats eat with great pleasure. They feel much better than after the use of other foods. Most reviews of 1st choice food speak of its favorable impact on the body fluffy. Their hair becomes much better, its appearance improves, there is an imperturbable desire to play, and not to lie on the floor for hours and sleep.

1st choice is made in Canada. They pay great attention to its production, taking into account the impact on the cat, its quality and longevity. Before the release of dry food undergoes a very careful inspection. Its composition, which the manufacturer says, is 100% true.

Below we list the main advantages of 1st choice food:

  • Balanced proteins and carbohydrates;
  • This product includes many useful amino acids, vitamins and minerals that the animal really needs. A wide variety of flavors and package sizes;
  • Quite reasonable cost;
  • The use of natural (non-artificial) flavorings;
  • Unpleasant odors are reduced. After its use, cats do not smell - neither from the mouth, nor in the sand tray.

As for the disadvantages, we can note only a small content of cellulose meal, poultry, salt and tomato mixture in the 1st choice food.