Lint in cats


Gorgeous long hair is the undeniable beauty of every cat. The downside of this beauty is cat tangles, which spoil the appearance and cause discomfort. However, getting rid of tangles is a lot of trouble only if this procedure is done from time to time. Regular brushing, on the other hand, will give your cat a healthy and beautiful look without much effort.

To deal with tangles, you will need a special comb for combing out long hair, a comb with blunt teeth and a lint brush.

Get rid of tangles begin with the neck of the animal. Stroke the cat, lay it comfortably, talk to it affectionately and calmly.

After brushing the neck, proceed to the paw and armpits area.

The belly and hind paws are often the area with the most tangles. Each tangle is first sorted out carefully with your hands and then brushed out. Particularly bunched-up tangles are carefully cut out with scissors.

At the end of the procedure place the cat on its paws, stroke it, brush its back and tail. Praise her for her patience.

Do not forget about regularity of all hygienic procedures.