Who should I choose between a cat or a cat?


Each person, breeding a pet of the feline family, when choosing a kitten faces a certain problem - who to choose a cat or a cat. Without exception, kittens are all cute and funny, but growing up, they become a creature with a specific character and habits, and a person has to live with him for many years. There are certain nuances to consider when choosing a kitten.

A cat is a male cat.

Like any male, he likes to dominate, a cat has his own character, which is usually much more pronounced than in females. The cat will always assume that he lives in his rightful territory, and in general, it’s people live with him, not he lives with people. The whole apartment, where the cat lives - it’s a jungle and prairie, there is always a need to keep an eye on everything. It is characteristic of him to attack from around corners, sticking his whiskered nose wherever he can. Cats are extremely curious, no event in the house and no new object is left without his attention.

who to choose cat or cat

Cats are very independent, and it’s unlikely that he would want to become a human friend - rather, he just needs human service. He lets himself be fed, cleaned up after himself, play, and sometimes even hold and pet - as much as the cat likes, not his owner.

A cat, like all males in nature, is quite active and even aggressive. He will not let you forget that the cat is an animal, sometimes even a wild animal. It should also be borne in mind that a cat is characterized by a stronger smell in the home than a cat. Besides, it is characteristic for cats to mark their territory and if a cat is not neutered, it will certainly leave marks everywhere. Consequently, keeping a cat requires a little more care and cleaning for it.

A cat is a much more affectionate pet.

A cat doesn’t set its own rules, it gets along with its owners, rubs off on them and tends to achieve everything with affection. Cats are more emotional, they like to be stroked or held in their arms, and they show their affection to their owners more openly than cats do.

Cats show their affection to people in different ways, depending on the sex of the person. With men, the cat simply flirts, it rubs its feet, raises its tail, and assumes inviting poses. A cat seduces men, especially in certain periods of life. With women the cat is simply affectionate, it demands attention and rarely escapes from caressing hands, most often it has to be driven away.

who to choose cat or cat

Also, cats have a very strong instinct to procreate, a cat will definitely bring kittens if you let her go for a walk. Several times a year, and more often in plenty. You have to be prepared for this fact. Or if you don’t want kittens you have to endure the cat’s cries and suffering, or you have to take certain measures, either chemical or surgical.

Both cats and felines are very graceful, beautiful and attentive, funny and touching. Our pets cannot choose their owners, they are forced to live with those who tame them. Therefore, it is worth very responsibly to the choice of your pet, so as not to hurt the little animal and not to betray it later. For all their independence, both cats and cats are in great need of a loving and caring owner.