When do kittens change their teeth?


Kittens have their first teeth, known as milk teeth, which fall out at three or four months of age. After a certain period of time, they are replaced by permanent formations.

Kittens usually have no teeth at birth. However, after 12 weeks, young animals acquire a full set of them.

  • From 3 months to 6 months, kittens lose their first teeth and acquire permanent teeth in their place;
  • Initially, the incisors change at 3-5 months of age;
  • Then at 4-5 months, it is the turn of canines and premolars;
  • The last, ending in the 6th month, are the permanent molars.

It should be noted that in total a kitten has 26 baby teeth. And the permanent units he grows 30. Among the first there are no 4 molars.

Thus, two molars, five premolars, two canines, and six incisors grow on each side of the animal’s mouth.

During the period of teeth replacement, you need to carefully monitor the kitten’s oral cavity: remove loose baby teeth, remove emerging plaque, so that the permanent teeth grow healthy.