When do kittens open their eyes?


Kittens are born blind and deaf, and their senses are extremely sensitive to smell and touch. It is not until 10-16 days after birth that kittens open their eyes. In short-haired breeds, it can happen after one week. Kid’s legs are still weak, they can only crawl actively. Like any baby, a kitten is susceptible to infections, so you need to keep the place where the cat lives with children clean.

A kitten’s paws become strong by its third week of life. He begins to walk on his own. At this time his eyes are fully opened. The color of kittens’ eyes is the same in all breeds - gray-blue. Kittens are incredibly curious and agile.

A small amount of solid food can be offered to a small kitten and introduced gradually after the fifth week of its life.

A newborn kitten is incredibly touchable and defenseless. For about three weeks after its birth it is totally dependent on its mother cat’s care. This is the most responsible time for the owners of the animals. A cat with kittens needs to keep the room clean and at the right temperature.

First of all, you need to make sure that the place chosen by the cat to give birth and raise her offspring is dry and clean. It is important that the room be warm, because for newborn kittens overcooling is destructive.