When do kittens start walking?


Your pet has grown up to be a mom. Mama cat needs a special place where she will be confident and feel protected. Usually it is some secluded corner. Mama cat and all her kittens require attention from the owners.

Healthy kittens do not require special care, because the cat, by virtue of its nature, can take care of them. But kittens will not always live in that warm corner. Early enough, kittens begin to walk. This is where the owners have to take care of the safety of their movement around the house.

For the first time, the kitten will leave her mother around three weeks of age: she will get her hearing aids and perky ears up to hear everything. The kitten can already see everything around her. Don’t doubt, at this age the kitten will already recognize its owner. So it’s at this point that you need to show concern for the safety of the home. What is safety of movement for a kitten? It’s very simple!

  1. Check the inaccessibility of chemicals, namely boxes of detergents, detergents, plant fertilizers, etc. It is best to remove all of this from the floor and place it on shelves with doors so that these items do not cause time for the little kitty; 2: The shoes you wear on the street are a source of various diseases, which are transmitted by contact. This is why outdoor shoes should be put away in a closet that is closed so that the kitty cannot open it on her own;
    1. Objects hanging on the walls or simply leaning against the wall, bed or bedside table can be a source of unpleasantness for your pet. Make sure you pay attention to how stable heavy items are and how firmly pictures above the sofa, decorative plates and other interior items hang.