When does a kitten start eating on its own?


A small and defenseless newborn kitten is under the vigilant protection of its mother, who shows constant care for her baby. However, the owners of a domestic cat living in an apartment need to help her.

The first and main food of a newly born kitten is mother’s milk. However, the first meal of liquid porridge can safely be given to the young cat as early as the 3rd or 4th week of life.

At the beginning of the 8th week the baby will have its first baby teeth. At this stage you should start to give him solid food and gradually teach him to eat independently. This can be meat pate for kittens. Remember that you must not give your small cat dry and solid food in large chunks. Patience should be shown by chopping or mashing the food thoroughly and giving it in small portions.

With the right approach to the feeding process at 10 weeks of age, the youngsters can eat on their own, which means they can safely be given into the good hands of new caring owners.