What smells can't cats tolerate?


In fact, all living creatures, including the feline family in this list, feel an aversion to certain odors to one degree or another. Some of them can even cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, it is important to know initially what kind of smells these pets can’t tolerate. By the way, with the help of “scents” you can both keep and scare away the cat.

  • In first place is a fairly strong smell of essential oils from the leaves of ruta. It not only disgusts the animal, but also causes rashes on the skin;
  • The “fragrance” of onions and garlic** makes a member of the feline tribe discontented. The cat will not go near a place where it is perceptible;
  • The smell of vinegar, which irritates the cat’s nasal passages rather strongly, is also intolerable to her. It should be remembered that the animal’s nasal passages are very sensitive;
  • Citrus incense is not for cats. For example, a vase with a houseplant favored by pets can be protected by placing orange or lemon peels near it.