What vaccinations are given to kittens?


Vaccination of cats is due to the need to develop active immunity in their bodies to prevent the development of infectious diseases. For preventive purposes, all animals must be vaccinated regardless of their resistance to pathogenic bacteria. This is especially true for small kittens.

They are vaccinated from the age of 2 months, achieving immune system resistance to such bacterial, viral and fungal diseases as:

At what time and what vaccinations are given to kittens? The vaccination schedule is as follows:

  1. against calciviruses, chlamydia, rhinotracheitis and panleukopenia are administered complex vaccines - Nobivac Tricket, Vitafelvac, Multifel-4, etc. In 3 - 4 weeks the vaccine shall be administered again. Subsequently vaccinated annually;
  2. Trimivac and Vakderm vaccines are administered against microsporia and trichophytosis. These vaccinations are given one month after the date of administration of rabies vaccine. The revaccination period is 1 year;
  3. Vaccination against rabies is carried out throughout the animal’s life at intervals of once a year, approximately at the same time by administering “Nobivac Rabies”.