How to remove fleas from cats, useful recommendations


Fleas in cats seem common to many people. In fact, these parasitic creatures give animals a lot of problems and cause certain abnormalities in health. By biting the cat’s skin, the flea leaves saliva on it, which, when it gets into the wound, provokes an allergic reaction.

Signs of fleas in a cat

The owner can guess about the presence of fleas in the hair of the pet by the following signs:

  • The animal bites itself and scratches;
  • The cat constantly rubs itself against the surrounding objects because of the intense itching;
  • Worms can be seen in the cat’s defecation products.

A consequence of flea bites is allergic dermatitis. Small kittens take the presence of parasites especially hard - they lose weight and become anemic. An abundance of fleas on the body of a kitten is fraught with the death of the pet for the owner.

The diagnosis of “fleas” is made by the veterinarian upon detection of insects and their eggs on the body of the animal. The presence of fleas is also judged by the particles of semi-digested blood accumulated at the roots of the hair.

The main habitats of the pests are:

  1. abdomen;
  2. the top of the neck;
  3. intermandibular space.

How to get fleas out of a cat?

Special collars have been developed to remove fleas from cats. You can also wear these simple antiparasitic agents for preventive purposes, if the animal is in contact with other tribesmen.

A very effective way to combat fleas is to wash cats with insecticidal shampoos. When buying them, it is important to pay attention to the “For Cats” label. There are no other warnings about using them.

Medicinal anti-flea medications are hormones based on lufenoron. Their action consists in destroying chitin, a special substance, without which the development of parasite eggs is impossible. By destroying chitin, they achieve rapid drying of the eggs and their further deterioration.

The non-chemical method of combing fleas is combing the hair of cats with an ordinary comb.