How to get a tick out of a cat


When your cat returns from a walk, you may find a tick on your cat. If this happens, the tick should be removed from the cat’s body as soon as possible. You should also go to the veterinary clinic to see if the tick has infected your cat with encephalitis.

How do you remove a tick from a cat? For this you will need: a strong thread, different color from the cat and the tick, disposable silicone gloves and sunflower oil.

  • Gloves are needed to prevent infection from entering your body through microcracks and wounds. Sunflower oil is needed to suffocate the tick (the oil will stop the air flow to the insect). Therefore, drop the oil on the place of the bite;
  • You will need to tie the insect at the base of the head with a thread prepared in advance. Carefully, so as not to tear the head from the body, swing the tick, then slowly pull up the thread together with the insect;
  • You have removed the parasite. Now treat the damaged skin area with alcohol or iodine;
  • Be extremely attentive to your pet’s behavior after the event. If you notice any unusual behavior in your cat you should immediately take him to the vet. There is also a quicker and more reliable option. The tick that you have removed can be taken to a lab, which will tell you within a short time whether or not it was a carrier of encephalitis.