How do you comb a cat out?


How to comb out a cat properly.

  1. First you have to collect the loose hairs with a brush mitten;
    1. Then take a comb with large, sparse and blunt teeth and comb the hair in the direction of growth. Such a comb won’t get stuck in the hair much, not causing your pet much discomfort;
  2. Then use a brush with large teeth to slowly and carefully comb through the hair. You should pay attention to the problem places for brushing - the belly and pant legs. The hair on the belly does not have a single direction, it grows in bunches. The hair is softer there, and therefore it gets tangled more often. A cat’s belly, like any other animal, is the most sensitive place; it can defend it instinctively. The hair on the pant legs gets the most dirty around the anus and often gets sticky there. In this case, it is better to cut it than to try to brush it.

If there are [tangles] (../../../assets//koltuny-u-koshek/ ‘Cat tangles’) you can remove them, besides scissors, also with a special metal comb whose rectangular teeth have slightly sharpened ribs.