How to take care of newborn kittens?


Like any newborn, a kitten needs special attention and careful care. The three most important factors a caring owner must consider are nutrition, temperature control, and hygiene.

Newborn kitten nutrition

The most important factor. Not only the health, but sometimes the life of your pet depends on proper feeding. Of course, the best thing you can imagine for a newborn is mother’s milk. But if the kitten is raised without a mother, then it should be fed with a composition made from powdered milk (or a special mixture sold in a pet store). Fatty cow’s milk is not suitable, it will inevitably lead to digestive problems. Feed using a dropper or syringe. Feed kittens carefully so that they do not choke.


A nest for the kitten should be arranged in advance. From the first minutes of its life, it needs even warmth. You can use an incubator with a regulated temperature. Do not put a box with kittens on the radiator: overheating is also dangerous for newborns, as well as overcooling. Also do not heat the place with an ordinary lamp - bright light is harmful for the kitten’s eyes. It is good to use a warm water bottle as a warming pad.


Keep your kitten’s fur closely monitored from birth. It should be wiped regularly with a cloth moistened with warm water.

As one of the cleanest animals, cats quickly become accustomed to the toilet. It’s enough to put the litter box next to the mother’s litter box. If a kitten is reared without the mother, the owner takes on the role of the mother in toilet training. Training can begin after the kitten opens her eyes.