How to trim a cat's claws? Tips and tricks


This question is asked by many pet owners, whose pets regularly spoil sofas, wallpaper, carpets and other interior objects. About clipping the claws of the cat are often thought about and those who are tired of enduring constant attacks and attacks of their favorite, but very clawed, pet. And sometimes it is necessary to clip the claws of the cat for its own good health and well-being.

Are claws trimmed for cats?

The question “Do cats get their claws clipped?” can be answered with certainty and with good reason: “Yes, they do. Although some pet owners may question it, because in natural conditions the cats exist perfectly well and without such a procedure as clipping. So why get involved in a natural process created by Mother Nature?

In fact, clipping the claws of wild animals simply is not necessary, because these animals are active, climb trees and spend most of their lives in motion. This way the claws of the cat are sharpened. Domestic cats on the other hand are deprived of this activity and their growing claws begin to get caught on soft surfaces, and sometimes even dig into their finger pads. In such situations, it is not only possible but necessary to clip the cat’s claws.

how to trim a cat's claws

Is it okay to trim cats’ claws yourself?

Cutting a cat’s claws is a very responsible task. Therefore, you should be extremely careful when trimming a cat’s nails. The fact is that the structure of the cat’s claw provides for the inclusion of blood vessels and nerve tips. That is why if you cut the claws incorrectly and carelessly you risk damaging the structure of the claw and causing serious suffering to the cat.

If the cat’s claws are colorless, it is very easy to see the blood vessel in them. If the cat’s claws are dark, it is almost impossible to see the blood vessels in them, so the safest thing for the cat in this case is to trim them slightly.

How to trim a cat’s claws: instructions

It is best to trim the cat’s nails on the table or sofa. Sit your pet on the chosen surface, press it firmly against it, take special scissors or clippers and proceed to trim the nails.

To get the cat’s claws out of the paw pad, grasp the skin on top of the claw with your thumb. Place your index finger at the bottom of the pad under the cat’s claw and squeeze your fingers slightly.

Very carefully trim the tip of the claw. All your movements should be precise, fast and accurate.

After trimming all claws on all paws, carefully wipe them with hydrogen peroxide. If you do hit a blood vessel in the cat’s claw, try to stop it with a clean piece of cloth. If you are unable to stop the bleeding, place a tight bandage on the cat’s paw and take your pet immediately to the vet.

how to clip a cat's claws

How often should I trim my cat’s claws?

You should trim your cat’s claws twice a month. If you don’t want to or are afraid to do it yourself, ask your vet for help. A specialist will trim the cat’s nails correctly and your pet will be healthy, intact and unharmed.

Remember that clipping the cat’s nails is not a substitute for a cat scratcher, but only a good addition to it, because claw sharpening is a natural need for the animal. Deprived of a cat scratcher the animal will certainly switch to furniture, wallpaper or carpets. Therefore do not forget to trim the cat’s nails regularly, and give him the opportunity to sharpen them on a special scratching post.