How to make documents on a cat, useful tips


Making documents on the cat is not difficult, the main thing is to know what document and how to draw up.

  1. Veterinary passport. It is issued if you intend to transport your pet abroad. To get it, you must go to a specialized clinic and visit a veterinarian. The passport will be issued if you have had your pet fully vaccinated; Drawing up a pedigree. A pedigree is a basic document for any kitten, his “birth certificate”. The document contains such information as the cat’s breed, name, color and sex. All of a cat’s ancestors up to the fourth generation are written down, along with names, colors, breeds and titles. Pedigree numbers are listed from first to third tribe. Obligatory information about the breeder. If you bought the animal not in the club, but with documents from the breeder, pedigree is executed directly in the club on the basis of the metric. If the documents of the cat/cat are lost and the pet is not in any club, it will be impossible to recover the documents;
  2. A certificate that shows that the cat is a breed. To get this important paper you will need to participate in shows. If three different experts confirm the cat’s breed, you will be able to get a certificate for it in the future.