How to recognize and treat cat dander?


Cat dandruff is a skin problem caused by excessive dryness of the epidermis and accompanied by intense itching. It is recognized by the white dry scales on the hair. In addition to spoiling the appearance of the animal, dandruff is also difficult to care for. Dandruff is not a natural process of replacing dead skin scales with new ones, but a disorder caused by lack of moisture in the pet’s body.

Treatment of dandruff in cats

Treatment is carried out with the help of shampoos, but you should not buy them yourself without consulting a veterinarian. You should also ensure sufficient humidity in the room where the pet is kept and try to achieve a decrease in body weight if the pet is too well-fed.

A cat’s diet should include fish oil or unsaturated fatty acids. Since most foods are not rich in omega-3 acids, you can make up for the lack of them by adding fish oil to your cat’s food. This simple remedy improves skin health and helps reduce skin cell separation. Grooming, i.e. normal brushing of the coat, can also be helpful as it improves the blood flow under the skin.