How to train a kitten to the hands?


Most likely, your own experience tells you that every kitten reacts differently to being picked up. There are some who are happy to spend time in their owners’ arms, and others who don’t like to spend time in their arms and don’t let themselves be petted or stroked very often. Do you really want your kitten to be “tame” and enjoy spending time with you? Then you should remember that there are several ways to tame the kitten’s hands. By using them, the kitten’s owner will spend much more time with the kitten:

  1. Always remember that kittens love a good meal, and a well-fed kitten is much more likely to allow itself to be held after dinner;
  2. Cats love to listen to an owner who talks to them. Talking to its owner develops the cat’s intelligence and makes the cat more intelligent. Affectionate conversation with the cat promotes the appropriate mood of the animal. The cat will squint or squint, purr and may even jump onto the owner’s lap;
  3. Get rid of the idea of beating your cat completely. Once you hit a kitten, the owner may lose the trust of the cat forever. It is very difficult to regain the pet’s trust. In this case, you can make no attempt at all to spend time with the cat in your arms;
  4. As a result of all your actions to take care of the animal, the kitten should realize that the owner is his friend. In this case, the kitten will give you as much love as any faithful dog.

Remember that if you have not reciprocated, you will have to accept the fact that the cat does not lie on your lap, does not rub your feet and does not want to stay in your arms. Perhaps it is just his nature.