How to train a kitten to the litter box - recommendations


When a small fluffy kitty appears in the house, the apartment is filled with cat purring, runs and games of the little fidget. But there are also problems associated with the new “lodger” as a habituation to the litter box. Accustom the kitten to the litter box is difficult enough, this process requires patience and persistence of the owners.

First of all, you must equip the kitty litter box so that it was not only convenient to “go” in it, but also comfortable. It is better to place the litter box in a place where the pet will not be visible. It can be a bathroom, toilet, at most, a hallway. There is a wide range of cat trays. It is best to choose a plastic tray with an upper grid, such a tray will not accumulate in itself the bad smell, it is easy to wash and due to the upper grid, the tray will always stay dry.

When choosing a litter box for the cat’s litter box, it is better to be guided by what will be more comfortable for the kitty. There are wood fillers and lumpy fillers. If the first are environmentally friendly and safe, the latter easily absorb moisture, lumpy, and some types of fillings may have and antibacterial effect. It is safer to choose a wood filler for a kitten, because the baby can try to taste the pieces of “powder,” lick them, play and swallow. At first it is better to use a litter box without a lattice, because cats have an instinct to bury, and with a lattice this will not work.

Get the kitten used to the litter box

It may take more than a year before fluffy learns to go to the toilet in a designated area, but you need to take your kitty to his litter box from the early days and show him where he should “pee”. Encourage him with a treat if he succeeds, and praise him. Don’t despair if from the first days you can’t do it, and the puddles are in all the wrong places. As soon as this happens, immediately take the baby to the litter box and show him that there is a special place for such “affairs”. Don’t scold or yell at the animal, as aggression can breed aggression, and it will interfere with habituation.

There are many means for accustoming the litter box: different sprays, eliminating the smell (antigadine), folk remedies (citrus peels can be put in the place where you should not “go” to the baby). Keep the litter box your cat clean and dry, show patience and persistence and then get the kitty used to the litter box will be much easier.

Train your kitten to the litter box