How to accustom a cat to the water, five simple tips


They say cats have only two bitter enemies: dogs and water. If you decide to bathe your cat in the bathtub, get ready to meet an angry tiger. However, even this tiger can be subdued if you follow some simple tips.

  1. Prepare the cat for procedures. Put a rubber mat on the bottom of the bathtub to prevent the cat’s feet from slipping. Pour a little water - it should cover the bottom. Before bathing play some fun games with the cat to keep its memory of positive emotions; Very gently, stroking the cat and saying kind words, put it on the bottom of the tub. You can put some bright toy into the water so that the cat would be distracted by it. Wet the cat’s fur with smooth movements. Constantly praise the cat, speak softly and quietly and repeat its name;
  2. Remember that it is not recommended to wet the cat’s head with water during bathing. Make sure that no liquids get into her ears, nose or eyes;
  3. Don’t turn on the shower or water tap - loud and harsh sounds frighten the cat. It is better to pour it from a ladle;
  4. If a purring pet, despite all your efforts, scratches and screams, you should stop the procedures and try to bathe the cat the next time.

What you shouldn’t do don’t do? Pushing the cat into a full bath or using physical force. These methods are unacceptable to either animals or people.