How to train a cat to the house?


In fact, it is not so difficult to accustom your favorite “purr” to the house - it is important to follow a few simple rules.

  1. Determine the location of future house. A cat is its own mistress, and the place for sleeping it also chooses itself. Do not worry if your cat does not show any interest in the house. In the first days and weeks of use it is normal. Every day change the location of the house, try to put it near your cat’s favorite places. This could be near a radiator, wall, etc. Make sure the house is stable;
  2. Make it interesting. Does your cat like rustling wrappers or tennis balls? Then put them in her new place and let her play with them. You can also buy catnip at a pet store. The smell of it will attract a cat. Few pussies can resist catnip;
  3. **Use a bedding. What does your cat sleep on? If it’s a rug or blanket, put it inside the house. The familiar smell will attract the cat and dispel any fears.

What shouldn’t you do? Stuffing your cat inside can permanently discourage your cat’s interest in any houses and in you as an owner.