How to store dry and wet cat food properly


What happens if you don’t keep perishable food in the refrigerator? They would have to be thrown out the very next day after buying them in the supermarket. It’s the same with cat food - if stored properly, it can not only maintain its original flavor, but also keep the cat at the proper level of health for a very long time.

In this article, we’ll try to figure out together with you how best to store wet food at home, and in what conditions to store dry food.

How to store wet food?

As long as the package is unopened, such food is stored in a dry and cool place that is protected from the sun. After opening the jar, it is stored exclusively in the refrigerator, but no more than one day. Opened today should be thrown out tomorrow. Believe me, the saved rubles and pennies can cost you a decent amount when treating food poisoning of a cat.

How to store dry food?

Dry food will last longer than wet food, even if it is open. Try not to mix new food with leftovers from the old one. Always wash the container or feeder before putting new food in. The container should be completely dry and 100% clean.