What is the right way to raise a kitten?


A small, helpless and very soft kitten can cause very different feelings to the person who has taken on the responsibility of raising it. a kitten grows up very quickly, and if a small kitten can do little harm to its owner, then when it grows up the discontent of the animal can lead to serious injuries. The animal will not feel very comfortable in the company of owners it does not understand.

Train your kitten to the litter box

The first thing that must be done necessarily is to tame the kitty to the “toilet”. This is the name given to a special litter box in a specific, designated room designed for the animal’s needs. Encouragement and persistence in this matter will soon pay off.

Feeding the kitten

It is very important to feed the kitten in the same place designated for feeding and only with food intended for kittens. An adult cat not accustomed to eating in the same place will cause quite a lot of trouble for the owner with cleaning.

Play with the kitty

With a kitten, by all means, you should play. Toys can be any rustling paper, rubber rustling balls or store-bought mice. These toys are intended for the owners to play with the kitten. However, the kitten can entertain itself. You must make sure that kitty’s play does not result in a mess in the house and loss of possessions such as torn things, wallpaper, or chewed telephone cables.

Kitten’s daily routine

Instilling in your kitten the concept of a daily routine is essential. If you do not teach the kitten, the kitten will take care of it. It is especially important that the kitten sleeps at night and does not wake up early in the morning with loud noises.

Before you take home a kitten, remember that a kitten is a living, growing individual who will bring into your life not only positive emotions and joy, but also worries, frustrations and negative emotions. All of this will need to be managed and no one can do it but you.