How to pet a cat properly. Where not to pet a cat


Stroking a cat is an incredible benefit for both pet and owner. Stroking a cat gives a person a respite from stressful conditions and lowers blood pressure. But for the effect to be there, the cat must be stroked correctly.

How to pet a cat correctly

  1. You should pet the cat when it feels like it. And if she’s bored with it, don’t torture her. This is partly a matter of respecting the cat’s wishes;
  2. Between the ears on the back of a cat’s head there is an area that is the most “grateful” for a gentle touch; If you are not sure what kind of touch the cat likes, you should start from gentle strokes with slight pressure. You should go from one ear to the other, linger a bit and massage just behind the ear. If the cat likes it, you can move on to the back along the fur.

Where you shouldn’t iron

  1. Rear area and tail;
  2. The belly is the most sensitive area, because the internal organs are located there.

It is better not to stroke the abdomen.