How do I keep a cat from shitting all over the place?


To wean your cat from shitting everywhere, there are a few simple guidelines.

  1. The cat should have a clean litter box with timely replaceable litter. She is squeamish, so make sure her litter box is clean. In a private home, allow her to go out into the yard when she needs to;
  2. If your purr-fur already “made a mess”, do not beat her - the cat will not understand it, and only scared and angry at you. Be patient;
  3. Drops of orange oil in nooks and crannies that it has already started to tag should do the trick: cats can’t stand the smell of citrus fruits;
  4. When the cat starts scratching the floor quickly take her to the litter box (or to the yard if it’s a private house). When your pet has done her job where she’s needed, praise her using affectionate intonations and pet her. You can give food as encouragement. This way you’ll get along faster;
  5. Remember that accustoming the kitten to anything is much easier than an adult animal. So calculate your reserve of patience.