How to determine the age of a cat?


Owners of cats taken from birth, usually know the age of their pets. After all, when you take a kitten, you are sure to remember the date of the new member of your family. But there are other ways to have a pet in your home. Often people pick up kittens from the hands or find them on the street. How to determine the age of the cat in this case?

  1. One of the most accurate ways of determining a cat’s age is through puberty. Of course, this method will not be entirely accurate. But by about 7-9 months of age puberty occurs;

  2. The next way to determine the age of a cat is by its teeth. It is more accurate than the previous method:

  • When the baby teeth are just erupting, it means the cat is only a month old;
  • When the baby teeth begin to change, the kitten is most likely 5-6 months old;
  • When the central incisors on the baby’s lower jaw have already erased, the cat is probably 1.5 years old;
  • But the middle incisors on the same jaw fade at about 2.5 years;
  • The central incisors are erased at the age of 3.5 years and the middle incisors on that jaw at the age of 4.5 years;
  • A cat is about 5 years old when its canines begin to wear out;
  • At 6 years of age, the cat’s maxillary incisors begin to wear out;
  • 7-9 years old if a cat’s middle and central incisors of the lower jaw have rubbed off;
  • At 10-12 years of age, the central incisors begin to fall out;
  • And after the age of 12, all incisors usually fall out.

We think you understand yourself that this is all approximate, because there are other factors that affect the condition of the teeth.