What to call a tricolor kitten


For example, in the East, such cats are treated with great respect - for them, a tricolor pet is almost a deity. It is said that such animals bring luck and wealth and protect the owners of the house from the evil eye.

By the way, there is no magic in the fact that only cats can be tricolor. Genetics is to be blamed for everything. About one in 3000 cats with three colors can be born with the same colorful cat, but the animal will have serious genetic abnormalities and will not be able to give birth. So in this article we will give specific examples of names for three-color girl kittens.

tricolor kitten

As a rule, tricolor cats are characterized by a soft, playful, and very affectionate disposition. Add to that the mystical abilities that their owners are so fond of talking about, and the unusual coloration, and it can be really hard to pick a name. But we succeeded:

Adele, Iris, Beauty, Berry, Veja, Grumi, Gabby, Dara, Dona, Eva, Jolly, Zara, Willow, Truth, Kiti, Kappa, Tiny, Lucky, Lama, Mira, Dream, Midi, Neva, Omi, Rona, Tiki, Fresca.