How to name a Siamese kitten


Blue-eyed Siamese cats are very kind and loyal. They get attached to their owner more than to the house, they are sensitive to his mood and well-being. So if you’re not feeling well, be prepared for a Siamese cat to come to you and lay down on your lap. With the character of this breed we have figured out - it’s time to pick a name.

Surely every owner of such a cat has a couple of proven names in stock. Undoubtedly you can take them, but what prevents you from considering our options? You have to admit that it’s a responsible process and that if you’re jumping to the conclusion that you’re naming your cat, you’re naming your cat after the wrong name. To avoid this, it is better to go through all the good options, among which to choose the best.

Name options for a Siamese baby kitten:

Irbis, Kaiser, Marion, Marcus, Adonis, Gordon, Isfahan, Luxor, Onyx, Rhone, Silver, Siam (from the breed name), Solomon, Apple, Frankie.

If it is not a Siamese cat that comes into the house, but a cat, the naming options will be different, although a note of creativity is also present here:

Toffee, Violet, Valencia, Sophie, Rose, Melanie, Gina, Choco, Hope, Catherine, Evita, Vanessa, Christel, Buffy, Ivory.