How to name a sphinx


And her affectionate disposition and pleasant purr can warm and soothe the owner. These cats have no fur at all - their skin is smooth, very soft to the touch. At first glance you may think that they are proud and aloof, but this is not true. Cats of the sphynx breed get along perfectly even with small children, they are intelligent and loyal.

Meanwhile, right now your sphynx is very small - it doesn’t even have a name. Let’s pick him up together!

kitten sphinx

Name options for sphinx cats:

Asmos, Aman, Argon, Barkhan, Black, Broith, Weiss, Wohland, Hamilton, Graun, Dickay, Yeshkan, Joseph, Ilan, Izmir, Katran, Linus, Lefort, Mystic, Nauris, Stark, Tagir, Raj, Orest, Rami, Soar, Tigran, Saffron, Eunice, Jarvi.

As you can see, most names are as exotic as the Sphynx breed itself. The names for sphynx cats are just as varied:

Bianca, Dinah, Grissie, Blanche, Baila, Atika, Amalia, Agnes, Beatriss, Aurelia, Dessie, Europe, Jaleika, Julba, Zilta, Inessa, Irlotte, Medea, Nymph, Ochre, Muchiro, Lixie, Lilea, Lady, Elita, Jujana, Yara, Furia, Fabby.