What to call a gray kitten


When people bring a gray ball of fur into the house, which is quite purring, they begin to wonder: how can you really call a kitten with a smoky coat color?

In fact, you have many times more options than you can imagine. The chosen name can be associated with the character of your purring friend, fur color, be funny and bright. If the kitten was purchased in a cattery, most likely, his documents will already be painted a long name. You can make a shortened name from it, or choose a name from the list we offer you.

So, what can you name a baby kitten that has gray fur? The options are as follows:

Usher, Gray, Velvet, Ashes, Ashton, Smoke, Cloud, Chrome, Tom, Frey, Cloud, Storm, Mouse, Basil, Dorian, Sharkey, Bert, Gizzy, Puree, Musk.

Now let’s pick a name for a girl kitten together:

Freya, Claudia, Smokey, Shadow, Heidi, Hidan, Mate, Rooney, Rainey, Shiloh, Tia, Zara, Wendy, Sheila, Sheidi, Neva, Mooney, Lizzie, Soya, Zola, Shade, Misty, Ashley.