What to call a ginger kitten


It has been observed that after close contact with a red cat, sick people recovered much faster. Because of the red color of their fur, these purrs gained a reputation as animals that attract wealth to the home.

If the house appeared a red fluffy kitty, he already gives you joy and positivity. In order to further tame the kitten, he must be given a name - preferably not too long, but memorable. We offer you a list of nicknames that perfectly reflect the cheerful nature of these “fireflies”.

Nicknames for ginger boy kittens:

Biscuit, Ginger, Goldie, Honey, Peach, Solik, Saffron, Jam, Oscar, Garfield, Mango, Pikachu, Felix, Bean, Rufus, Apricot, Vincent, Dorado, Inti, Keagan, Momo, Orange, Redhead, Phoenix, Zucat, Citrus, Amber, Shimshon, Hotaru, Flambo, Tor, Tabasco.

Nicknames for ginger girl kittens:

Chili, Paprika, Zarya, Vesta, Carrot, Ochre, Salt, Aurora, Goldilocks, Autumn, Radish, Henna, Fanta, Salsa, Salamander, Rufina, Papaya, Naranya, Tangerine, Cucumber, Cinnamon.