What to call a blue kitten


Russian blue cats are rightfully considered one of the most common cat breeds, whose color has a beautiful shade of blue. British cats also have a coat with a beautiful silver-blue hue. No matter what kind of pet you have in your apartment (even a non-breed) the blue fur color will give it a special charm and elegance.

Below we list the most common nicknames for cats with blue fur. If we discard all conventions, the name of such pets can be not only discreet, but also quirky, and sometimes funny.

blue kittens

For example, some owners pick a name for a baby kitten as the name of a blue flower:

Cornflower, Crocus, Iris, Barberry, Whiskey, Topaz, Sapphire, Silver, April, Cedar, Ocean, Bobby.

Name options for girl kittens are just as varied:

Loya, Plava, Aqua, Lavender, Marie, Maiden, Aurora, Ariana, Grace, Hera, Betty, Bella, Aquamarine, Water, Blue, Daphne, Asparagus, Koala, Cora, Dora