What to call a black kitten


It is great if, despite all kinds of prejudices and omens, you decided to have a black kitten in your house. Animals with this coat color are no less kind and attractive than other felines.

But what is the best way to name a black kitten? Of course, the nickname should reflect the character, support the image of the mysterious animal. The main thing is to choose a name that will be pleasant to pronounce to you and hear your purr. We offer you such options.

Names for black boy kittens:

Bart, Angle, Dusk, Black, Bruno, Pete, Wade, Beetle, Beetle, Fagot, Onyx, Buck, Charon, Hispanic, Finder, Noir, Nocher, Antis, Vulcan, Maire, Cardin, Boomer, Pluto, Count, Angel, Gangster, Barak, Chaslav, Lord, Magician, Avidja, Senor.

Names for black girl kittens:

Caviar, Mocha, Berry, Bagheera, Nora, Jetta, Tush, Norrie, Shadow, Coco, Cola, Find, Blueberry, Finka, Bina, Celia, Mairka, Selena, Miguera, Vorozhka, Dushka, Mystica, Signorina, Chulpan, Sivilla, Fortuna, Panther, Jubba, Consuelo.