How to name a British kitten


All the wonderfulness of the British cat breed was perfectly described in the work “Alice in Wonderland”. The Cheshire cat is the most striking representative of this breed. These cats are very kind on the inside, although they can seem belligerent and majestic on the outside. They grow quite large, but you can squeeze these cuties in your arms like little teddy bears.

Owners of Britons have a very difficult task - to think of a name for the kitty that would reflect the noble origin of this breed, but also was not too pretentious. We advise to pay attention to the list below:

Name options for baby kittens:

Velvet, Arnie, Blue, Backs, Bump, Barney, Dylan, Dexter, Marcel, Max, Marley, Yermes, Sidney, Tyler, Stilton, Norton, Harley, Elvis, Flynn, Toffee, Eddie, Smokey.

There are just as many different names for girl kittens:

Darley, Jade, Busty, Gemma, Bunn, Dove, Daisy, Dottie, Laura, Midi, Molly, Kimmy, Miranda, Pixie, Piggy, Rosie, Paris, Luna, Libby, Tasha, Florrie.