How do I brush my cat's teeth?


Catsโ€™ teeth perform the same necessary chewing function as humans. They also carry plaque and calculus. Our pets also suffer from gum disease and tooth pain. In order to save your cat from suffering and a visit to the veterinarian, some rules must be followed.

First and foremost, teeth should be brushed. Consult your doctor on how to do it more conveniently.


  1. You buy a special toothpaste for animals and a toothbrush for cats;
  2. Include this procedure in your daily routine. It is important that it occurs at the same time. Brushing teeth gently and carefully so as not to frighten or traumatize the pet;
  3. We should gradually train our cat to use toothpaste. It is pleasant for cats, at first you can let it lick the toothpaste off your finger. After a few days the cat will calmly tolerate this procedure.
  4. For better adaptation, encourage the cat after brushing its teeth.